No pun intended, I promise.

With the unseasonably beautiful weather and high temps the last few days, it has us rain and snow soaked northwesterners turning our thoughts toward the upcoming sunny days of summer. I know I’m not the only one who braved shorts during this pleasant sunny spurt.

I mused aloud just yesterday that I feel sorry for spring; if sympathy for an inanimate thing can exist. The moment it rears its head folks automatically start counting down for summer, as if wishing away spring altogether.

Spring is a conflicted season for me. Being a ski bum, it’s always a sad day when I wash the snow gear and pack it away for the rest of the year. While I do so with hesitation, I also revel in the thought of the fun that lies ahead in the coming months. Music festivals, BBQs, camping, wakeboarding/boating, trips to the swimming hole, hiking and more. No other time of year (besides the holidays) do adventures outside of work take center focus in my mind, and things like work fall into their appropriate latter place. šŸ˜‰

Yes, there are still a few more months of spring rain mixed with showers before the glorious weather gets consistent. And fortunately, ski season is still going strong for at least another month. But oh, summer is coming!