Very rarely does the weather cooperate for sunny outdoor adventures on Memorial Day weekend here in the northwest. I am sooo glad ’09 bucked the trend. I’m not sure this weekend could have been any more perfect, both in terms of weather and activities.

The camping trip to Panther Creek was a ton of fun. Big thanks to Ted for reserving the sites and organizing the whole shenanigan. Among the highlights:

– Ted getting pulled over on the way there for “expired tags and weaving all over the road.” (There was a third reason the officer gave, I don’t remember.) Don’t worry, it was only Ted holding a bag of cookies and simultaneously eating and driving that caused the weaving. 😉

– The delicious food. Let’s face it, it’s one of the highlights of camping. With everyone pitching in to contribute something, we ate very well all weekend.

– Saturday’s hike to Falls Creek Falls. Wow. Those falls are gorgeous. I felt like I had been transported to the Amazon.

– Krista’s t-shirt. 😉

– Backwoods Olympics (ok, this one is a bit of an inside joke.)

– The “1 1/2 mile” hike (said Ted) that took us almost two hours and back to camp with barely enough daylight to see.

– I personally enjoyed having some competition for the role of the weirdest person on the trip. I’ll let you guess who that competition is.

– The absolutely breath taking beauty of God’s creation, and the ability to experience it and enjoy it with good friends.

After a great weekend of camping, returning home late Sunday night to a hot shower and my own bed was a delight. As if the weekend could possibly get any better, Memorial Day itself I got to explore some new waterways via kayak with my friend Sybil, breaking in her new kayak and paddle. Neither of us had paddled Smith and Bybee Lakes in North Portland, and it was a beautiful spot. Lots of calm water with hours and hours of potential paddling area and views of Mt. St. Helens, Adams and Hood. Ah yes.

I’m thankful to live in the best place on earth, for flawless weather all weekend long, and good friends with whom I can have adventures. God is good.