Hello, nearly forgotten blog. It’s been a long time. I’m not sure that anyone reads you. Maybe I should give you a little more TLC. I have so much I could share, yet so little spare time to sit and organize my thoughts.

It’s been a crazy year. The most notable change was getting married to the love of my life; the amazing, handsome Mike Sorensen. Other than that … being unemployed for four months at the beginning of the year, getting to travel some (Paris, and Cancun for our honeymoon), and seeing God provide for my needs time and time again.

Just as my funds were running out and I was still roommateless and jobless, God brought both in the same week. I allowed myself to stress a few times, needlessly so. God always meets His kids’ needs. I know that, even better now.

Well, I’m not attempting to chronicle the whole year here. Just wanted to show my blog some love and let it know it hasn’t been forgotten. I’ll be back.